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Sanctuary House of Prayer


To know God and make Him known.

About Me

An inveterate prairie girl, I was raised and reside in Winnipeg, Canada near the continent’s geographical centre. I worked as a journalist, editor and music industry executive before I got radically saved in the midst of a marriage break up.

Very soon afterwards I began working at a centre for refugees and felt the call to help and mother many of the youth I met there. I ran a program for 45 at risk refugee youth and when it ran out of money, I continued to love and support many of them and their families. Not longer afterwards the Lord made it clear He was calling me to tribes of many nations. He sent me to the very top of Manitoba to the Dene people, who are so far up north, there are only roads in the winter.

My heart burns for unreached people groups to know the kindness of this man Jesus, whether in villages, jails or the streets of urban centres.

Gaylene Dempsey

Gaylene Dempsey

Sanctuary House of Prayer


I’m currently on staff at Sanctuary House of Prayer, a small but vibrant house of prayer located in Winnipeg, Canada. My desire is to see night and day prayer established in the inner city and prison system.

I helped pioneer a outreach into an inner city mall on Thursday nights that now regularly draws people from churches all over Southern Manitoba. As well, for 17 nights this past spring, I spearheaded a multichurch prayer initiative in Winnipeg’s Central Park, a gathering place for immigrants, refugees and many other folks.

I do this because I’m desperate for all tribes, tongues, people and nations to know Jesus, the kindest man I’ve ever known. But there has to be more. I believe establishing prayer and prayer rooms in dark places will shift the atmosphere.

After years working in journalism and the music industry, I am well aware of the darkness that prevails in Winnipeg. And I have been able to witness firsthand how light breaking and the power of prayer can radically change lives.



God’s light is breaking into the darkness in Manitoba. Every week I get to see Him move in the streets and malls and parks. I send a monthly newsletter to update people on what I’m doing. If you’d like join my mailing list, just sign up below.

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